Fantastic Flowers

Oxeye daisies grow with abundance along the roadsides on the isle of Skye. They attract many different pollinators. A lovely sign of Summer. The petal-plucking game, ‘He loves me; he loves me not’, is thought to have started with the oxeye daisy, and is now a common children’s activity. While thinking of a suitor, eachContinue reading “Fantastic Flowers”

Flowers of Summer

I wrote this poem in celebration of the wonderful selection of wildflowers nature displays in the Summer. I hope you enjoy this excerpt. Flowers of Summer Lady’s mantle sparkling with dew, Speedwell shining an iridescent blue. Shepherds purse speckled with white, Lilac and gold, the tiny eyebright. Gallant soldier and meadowsweet, Honeysuckle balmy and sweet.Continue reading “Flowers of Summer”