The Dawn Chorus

I decided to write this post in celebration of the amazing dawn chorus If you are feeling anxious about life’s circumstances and find it difficult to sleep, follow these four steps: Make a warm drink Sit in your favourite chair wrap yourself in a cosy blanket Open the window wide Wait for the dawn chorusContinue reading “The Dawn Chorus”

Where the River Sings

The Roskhill river flows gently towards the sea, ceaselessly providing us with the tranquil sound of its journey. Where the River Sings The river serenely sings and flows Passing wildflowers that sway and glow. Downy willow seeds float in the air, Then land in the meadow without a care. The air is warm and theContinue reading “Where the River Sings”

Dark Skies

Dark Dark Sky Jet-black ink in a raven sky, Complete darkness as, I look up high. Nothing to see, a total black void, Until the darkness reveals the joy, Of a million stars, shining on high, Minute sparkles adorning the sky. No orange glow from urban sprawl, A vast black canopy; amazing to all. SueContinue reading “Dark Skies”