Nature and Tranquility

We created a wildlife pond in the garden two years ago. We were amazed at how quickly amphibians and insects moved in. We surrounded the pond with as many wildflower species as possible. Two of my favourites are yellow flag iris and fox and cubs (see images). Sitting next to the pond on a warmContinue reading “Nature and Tranquility”

Dawn Chorus

I decided to write this post in celebration of national dawn chorus day If you are feeling anxious about life’s circumstances and find it difficult to sleep, follow these four steps: Make a warm drink Sit in your favourite chair wrap yourself in a cosy blanket Open the window wide Wait for the dawn chorusContinue reading “Dawn Chorus”

The Skylark Returns

During my stroll this morning I walked passed the moor and I was delighted when I heard the skylark singing overhead. A wonderful sign of Spring The Skylark Choir Spring has arrived with warmimg air, The rain has ceased and the sky is clear. Relaxing now… then a pleasing surprise! The lark has returned overContinue reading “The Skylark Returns”