Dance of the Barn Owls

I wrote this poem after watching a barn owl searching for prey over the common grazing, near to my home. Here is an excerpt of the poem. Dance of the Barn Owls The evening draws nigh and the stage is set, An inspired portrayal awaits us yet. The jet-black eyes search the ground, While invisibleContinue reading “Dance of the Barn Owls”

Curlew Calling

I heard the curlew calling this morning as he flew above the moor. A wonderful sign of Spring Curlew Calling An eerie song from a distant rise, Curlew calling the song of the wild. Mysterious and haunting; music to love, A beguiling silhouette, glides above. He searches the moor for a suitable site, To buildContinue reading “Curlew Calling”

Swallow Season

Swallow Season One day they arrive in a frenzied flight, On a beautiful morning, with sky so bright. Swooping and soaring, they show off their skills, Diving and spinning, they perform at will. Hunting in flight, with acrobatic flair, Butterflies and moths come out (if they dare). The season is short, and soon they areContinue reading “Swallow Season”