Swallow Season

A wonderful sign of Spring. The swallows have returned.

Swallow Season

One day they arrive in a frenzied flight,

On a beautiful morning, with sky so bright.

Swooping and soaring, they show off their skills,

Diving and spinning, they perform at will.

Hunting in flight, with acrobatic flair,

Butterflies and moths come out (if they dare).

The season is short, and soon they are gone,

To a much warmer climate, where they belong.

Sue Wood

The Skylark Returns

Skylarks on the rise

During my stroll this morning I walked passed the moor and I was delighted when I heard the skylark singing overhead.

A wonderful sign of Spring

The Skylark Choir

Spring has arrived with warmimg air,

The rain has ceased and the sky is clear.

Relaxing now… then a pleasing surprise!

The lark has returned over the rise.

This tiny brown bird, so hard to see,

Yet filling the air with a song so free…

Sue Wood

skylark song
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Primroses in Spring

Primroses in Spring

The hedgerow is dull from Winter’s rest,

I long for bowls of lemony zest

I see a glow, beneath the tall tree,

Cluster of blooms, so vibrant to see.

Sunshine beams amongst the shade,

Lights up the void within the glade…

Sue Wood

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