Western Sunset

Sunset on this beautiful Summers eve

Western Sunset

On this amazing eve, with air so still,

I watch in wonder at this sight to thrill.

My visual senses watch colours ablaze,

Sun sinking down in a dramatic haze.

Merging pinks with fading gold,

Colours so vibrant and hues so bold

Sue Wood


Red admiral butterfly


Adorning the sky,

like tiny fires burning,

lighting up our world.

Sue Wood

I filmed this peacock butterfly in the garden while, enjoying the beautiful Summer weather.

Peacock butterfly foraging on the buddleia flowers in the garden

Fantastic Flowers

Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye daisies grow with abundance along the roadsides on the isle of Skye. They attract many different pollinators.

A lovely sign of Summer.

The petal-plucking game, ‘He loves me; he loves me not’, is thought to have started with the oxeye daisy, and is now a common children’s activity. While thinking of a suitor, each petal is plucked until the answer of whether love is possible becomes apparent. However, each ‘petal’ is actually an individual flower as oxeye daisies have composite flower heads consisting of yellow ‘disc florets’, surrounded by ‘ray florets’ (the ‘petals’).

(wildlife Trust)

Oxeye daisies growing in the meadow

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