Plumed Spectre

Plumed Spectre SW

I often hear the tawny owl calling from the conifer trees in the evening. It is such a comforting sound. It inspired me to write this poem The Plumed Spectre. Here is an excerpt.

The Plumed Spectre

A ghostly sight floats with grace,

As he passes the moons shining face.

This plumed spectre, silent and light,

Searches for prey, throughout the night.

He haunts the land with a silent glide,

Scanning the woods where he resides.

Wings of gossamer, weightless and calm,

He swoops on his prey, without causing alarm…

Sue Wood

Here is my newly published book of mindfull nature poems

Oran Uisge Wildflower Meadow : oran uisge wildflower meadow book

avilable in paperback or Ebook.

Òran Uisge – Wildflower Meadow is a collection of mindful nature poems, which were inspired by time spent on the meadow situated on the banks of the river Roskhill on the Isle of Skye.

   Òran Uisge (gaelic for song of water) is a peaceful place to watch the bees and butterflies foraging for food, to enjoy fragrance from the wildflowers which fills the air and to listen to the abundance of songbirds. The river flows gently towards the sea, ceaselessly providing us with the tranquil sound of its journey. The meadow changes constantly as the seasons turn.

   These poems are written in an evocative way to allow the reader to experience the effects nature has on our senses and mood. Whether it is the warm breeze touching our skin, the scents from orchids ascending through the air, the song of a skylark overhead, the sight of dark clouds with the threat of Summer rain or the taste of the blackberry harvest. Òran Uisge is a perfect environment to lose yourself in nature and in the moment. Full of colourful images of paintings, drawings and photographs of nature

    Òran Uisge wildflower meadow was the inspiration for me to write this second poetry book. The collection includes; Midsummer Night, Summer Rain, The Call from the Wild and The Dance of the Barn Owls.

“Freefall into nature and embrace it,

A true companion for life”


Autumn Jewels


The woods are adorned with splashes of vibrant hues resembling an artist’s pallette. Walking through the woods brings relaxation and a sense of calmness. Nothing else matters, a time to unwind and enjoy this wonderful environment.

Autumn Glory

An artist’s palette of vibrant delight,

Painting the wood, a glorious sight.

Red and orange, yellow and gold,

An Autumn treat with hues so bold.

Sue Wood

Blue-Mauve Perfection

scabious glowing on the meadow

I walked down to the shore this morning and observed a profusion of blue-mauve scabious flowers growing on the meadow. This beautiful bloom is known as the pincushion flower or devil’s bit

Blue-Mauve Perfection

Blue-mauve perfection

as brilliant floral globes

glow in the meadow

Sue Wood

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