Dance of the Barn Owls

barn owl in pastels SW

I wrote this poem after watching a barn owl searching for prey over the common grazing, near to my home. Here is an excerpt of the poem.

Dance of the Barn Owls

The evening draws nigh and the stage is set,

An inspired portrayal awaits us yet.

The jet-black eyes search the ground,

While invisible ears, listen for sound.

Balletic moves and contours to see,

Floating feathers, airless and free…

Sue Wood

Curlew Calling

I heard the curlew calling this morning as he flew above the moor.

A wonderful sign of Spring

Curlew Calling

An eerie song from a distant rise,

Curlew calling the song of the wild.

Mysterious and haunting; music to love,

A beguiling silhouette, glides above.

He searches the moor for a suitable site,

To build a nest in a place, just right.

Again he calls to his mate close by,

A courtship ritual as they soar and fly.

Early Spring, this time of year,

Curlews delight with their song, they share.

Sue Wood

curlew song
Photo by Petr Ganaj on
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