The Perfect Gift

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My childhood was full of bumblebees, flowers and butterflies and long Summer days. These were very happy times, which are etched on my memory. My Father took my brother and I out into the countryside regularly looking for frogspawn, picking blackberries and telling us about the wonders of the natural world. While out on these special trips nature was all around, filling my world. Blackbirds singing in the trees and dandelion seeds floating on the breeze; a magical time and experience. These special times gave me a love of nature, a place to feel safe, happy and content. I will always be grateful to my Father for his time and dedication to give me this special gift;

“a love of nature”

Here are two quotes about nature;

If you truly love nature, you will see beauty everywhere

Vincent Van Gogh

Common carder bee

The Perfect Gift

The most perfect gift you can give to a child is the

life-long-love of nature,

the only cost to you is time.


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Curlew Calling

I heard the curlew calling this morning as he flew above the moor.

A wonderful sign of Spring

Curlew Calling

An eerie song from a distant rise,

Curlew calling the song of the wild.

Mysterious and haunting; music to love,

A beguiling silhouette, glides above.

He searches the moor for a suitable site,

To build a nest in a place, just right.

Again he calls to his mate close by,

A courtship ritual as they soar and fly.

Early Spring, this time of year,

Curlews delight with their song, they share.

Sue Wood

curlew song
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