The Dipper

Dipper by SW

After a very wet weekend the river was high, but to my delight I observed a dipper sitting on a rock searching for prey. He was fascinating to watch as he dipped his body up and down, in a morning dance.

The Dipper

Frothy rapids flow

As he dips and dives beneath

searching for his prey

Sue Wood

Snowdrops of Light

Beautiful snowdrops lighting up the garden beneath the hedge. Rekindling my love of nature.

I lifted one of the blooms and found these intricate patterns of zesty-green and lemon.

They are so delicate.

Pure Winter Snow

A fresh covering of snow this morning

During the night 15cms of snow fell covering the lane in a white carpet. I was fortunate to walk in the snow before anyone else. There were some a prints from animals and birds. The snow was glistening in the sun’s rays as it rose above the meadow.

Winter Morning

The sunshine glows in an azure sky,

Lighting sparkles as the minutes pass by.

Bright and crisp, clear and pure,

A beautiful vision with great allure.


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