Dark Skies

Dark Dark Sky Jet-black ink in a raven sky, Complete darkness as, I look up high. Nothing to see, a total black void, Until the darkness reveals the joy, Of a million stars, shining on high, Minute sparkles adorning the sky. No orange glow from urban sprawl, A vast black canopy; amazing to all. SueContinue reading “Dark Skies”

Moonlit Night

Moonlit Night The moon is low in the ebony air, A glowing ball, with silver flare, I see you rise above the pines; A guiding lamp which beauty defines. Moving across the sky with ease, Clouds pass your orb upon the breeze. I think of a time when the world was new, Lighting the skyContinue reading “Moonlit Night”

Winter’s Rubies

Winter’s Rubies Ruby berries on the lifeless stems, Reflect the beams on the shining gems. Sue Wood

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