The Skylark Returns

The Skylark Returns

Spring has arrived with warming air,
The rain has ceased and the sky is clear.
A gentle breeze is swirling around,
As I hear a familiar distant sound.
Relaxing now, a pleasant surprise!
The lark has returned over the rise.
This tiny brown bird, obscure to see,
Filling the air with a song, so free.
He flies up high and sings his tune,
He glides to the moor but, all too soon.
His rivals take off and are rising high,
A splendid chorus as the minutes pass by…
Sue Wood

Photo by luizclas on

Published by skyenatureblog

"Love Skye-Love Nature-Love Life" provides an artistic journey through the seasons, describing the natural beauty of the island through, prose, poetry, art, photographs and videos. I hope to give readers a taste of the Skye experience. I hope you enjoy the journey The Isle of Skye has dramatic mountains, wild glens and amazing seascapes; it offers a varied wilderness for free spirits. There is an abundance of hidden places full of native trees, wildflowers and wildlife to enjoy, in peace and tranquility. This sensational Island changes constantly through the seasons, with wild Atlantic storms, snowy mountains and balmy Summer nights with spectacular skies. The Summer wildflowers provide a colourful feast for insects, which feed the many species of songbirds, both native and Summer visitors.

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